école Studio

Art Direction
Creative Direction
Designers/ Aileen Cuellar / 1102 / Sara Newborn / Mario Alvarado / Adrian Orozco / Agustín Romo / Franko Rosas

école, started as a group of three friends in 2007. Back then, you could write an email to Banksy and he will answer you, this was the era where collectives were on full trend, pointing the way of the new tendency on working as a unit. For us was easy to name ourself a collective. Our background in that time was more empiric. We had  knowledges that the school was not able to provide us,
we research, look at books and mingle with people with more experience than us. We noticed that the real school is outside and, therefore, we named ourselfs école, a symmetrical word that means school in french and eureka as a common Mexican phrase.

Back then we didn’t have the experience we have today and, due to a lack of security, the collective went distant.
In 2016 école was reborn as a design studio based on the same values: experimentation, communication and branding, constanlty inspired by things we found in our daily lives, street art, letters, art and the anthropology of the region  we grew up in.
We managed to create structures for new brands that where emerging, create solid identities for restaurants and solved graphical dilemmas with tight budgets.
To sell école as a creative company that focus on graphical solutions, we proclaimed ourselves a visual communication studio (because we think “creative” is overrated).

You can find more of our work here: