※ Guided by different creative forms of communication, our work ranges from Art Direction, Branding, Typography, Illustration, to sign painting.  The focus to create something unique it’s and will be always the fuel to do crazy things.

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•••Love, Respect and humbleness.
•••Mexican food, cooking.
•••Creating unique work out of the computer.
•••Traveling as far and as widely as possible.

•••Good memes.
•••Complex designs. 
•••The Smiths, Punk, hieroglyphics

•••Procrastinating looking at boat pass by the Ij.

Multidisciplinary graphic designer from Tijuana with a Master’s Degree in Art Direction and Strategic Communications by ELISAVA, Barcelona. More than 13 year experience on the Visual Communication field, Exploring and Experimenting when executing projects had made obtained acclaim in their own field.
Founder of the visual communications studio École, which has set its focus on brand activation and visual communication. Currently living in Europe, and colaborating in SNASK. Worked on many projects and exhibitons in Austria, Spain, France, South Korea, Sweden and the Netherlands. His art & desing work has been publish throughout Mexico, Poland, Spain, and Austria.