Graphic Desing


Part of the virtual exhibition Percepcion Peculiar for the
San Diego Design Week 2020.


In some way I was always afraid of crossing the border. I think it is the same for people trying to cross to Tijuana.

I grew up in a multicultural place, with people from all over Mexico, with their own traditions, plus the Chicano culture of Mexicans barrios in the US: Lowriders cars, Music from the 50’s to the 70’s, Cholos, gang graffiti. Adding to that our new traditions on Punk, Alternative rock, 90’s skate, bmx, US cartoon culture, rock in spanish, And thinking of it I think it was the same for people from SD.

When I was a teenager I realized that we were in a melting pot of creativity, art and cultural exploration. A region where you can go to raves in the middle of a beach from friday to sunday listening to new electronic music like Nortec, or, seeing a guy jump from a cannon from TJ to SD on the InSite project. The same place that was exploring street art movement with OBEY. Complementing with going concerts on the Vans Warped tour to Coachella, or even seeing Morrissey in Tijuana. This was a region that felt the same art energie moving all together.

Traveling to different places I came to perceive that this region had given the world some many things that are trending right now. This can be as my theory on the food trucks, that they grow from the necessity to feed the lowericome workers in factories that came from different places. With people cooking the best of what they have learned and as well creating new styles to overwhelm other paladars. As it comes from food, the cooking styles came from the creativity and fearlessness of serving new things, Margaritas, Caesar Salads, to the Tuna tostada, or the Fish Taco. The same can feel for architecture and design. That this region is really different because I need to be creative and fearless to function.
As I’m still learning, I will encourage any creative to go, nurture and explore this region, if they want to create something different in their professional life.

To see the gallery where I’m participating with other great artist, illustrators and designer from the region go to https://www.percepcionpeculiar.com/