Nero 48
Pop-Up Store
/ Tj-LA

Creative Direction /
Art Direction 

* Nero48 is a Pop-Up Store known for pushing forward Mexican design and reactivating new spaces that are in the completion of being open.

After the success on designing the past editions of Nero48 Pop-Up Store in Mexico, we were commissioned to create two new editions, one in Los Angeles, USA and another one in Tijuana, Mexico. 

Two editions to be introduced, we had to create an element that could wrap the place in 48hrs and, as well, promote the event. A multi-use poster was the element that we worked with, serving different purposes and lowering the budget of promotional advertising. The poster functionality had the capacity to be a mural for lettering, a poster for individual fonts, icons, and to be an specific point of purchase. 
Each poster was drawn by hand, making it a unique piece of art.
The results were quite interesting given the way in which we integrated the installation in the two events. The public shared photos and interacted with the installations, to the point some people took posters with them. This interactivity between the attendee and the installation generated a higher positioning of Nero48 in social media and, as a result, the designers sold most of their articles.

Strategic Co-Directors: Veronica Hernandez, Illya Haro
Production: Carlee Carpio

Creative Direction:
école Studio / Franko Rosas
Art Direction:
Franko Rosas

Graphic Design:
Adrian Orozco, Daniel Armenta, Sara Newborn, Franko Rosas

Motion Graphics & Animation:
Pishin Escárrega
Graphic Collaborators: Marisol Hurtado, Fernando Ibarra, Yimbo Escárrega
Installation Crew:
Sergio Hurtado, Fernando Ibarra, Daniel Armenta,  Adrian Orozco, Sara Newborn, Annanias Rose, Michael Brown, Fernando Ibarra.


Monica Orozco,
Orlando Macias,
école Studio

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