Pequeño Camino

Role: Art Direction & Graphic Design 

"When we started, we didn’t know much about wine, but we knew about this particular batch: Grown in the California Wine Region, comes from a particularly good harvest of luscious Merlot grapes. The opportunity to do something great with this product in the time my kid was born was what ignited the project and ultimately our new-found love/obsession for wine."
— Client

We were given the rare chance of a blank slate for this project.
We knew his story and the “small steps” approach he had towards the business.
Thats why we felt that Pequeño Camino evoked both the charm of the journey that’s about to begin and the excitement of bigger worlds to be discovered.
The road always continues, this was the metaphor we wanted to display.

To create a bottle that looped around and ad infinitum was a technical feat, that took some convincing of the stake-holders, but at the end of the day, our client was stoked with the result.
We love solving new problems, because this is what shifts a product from ordinary to extraordinary.

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Creative Direction:  école Studio
Graphic Design: Adrian Orozco / Franko Rosas
Production: Jorge Reyna