/ Paris

Art Direction / Graphic Design

There is almost no discussion that french sea food is always good. But what happens when you put all the "Fruit de mer" in a very tiny space with cocktail bar in the cellar?. Well we don't know either. The only thing that we know it is a "kitch/fancy" sea bar, reserved only for the specials few.
Ostrea hides another place, "Perdition", a cocktail Bar in their cellar. The concept of the identities was to focus the design on the hands. The Ostrea hand, is the hands that light and guide the way, like the lighthouse, is the one who rescue you. The Perdition hand, is the one that seduce and keep you in.
This project was commissioned via internet from Paris with love.

Good tip for our young and enthusiast graphic designers, always charge in advance or ask for the half of the quote first.
(To all the respect of the Ostrea Staff).