Can you cook Mexican food for a concert? This was the question that launched a project that we have been talking about for some time with our friends.
Create a Restuarenate Pop-Up in Amsterdam, where we could share the closest an authentic Mexican Comfort food.

We created El Malo (The Bad) as a concept and consecutiveness to establish a collaborative project with our friends in Vienna, who have El Feo (The Ugly). Thinking that in the future El Bueno (The Good), can leave.

What to Expect?
Expect something different of what you know about Mexican food!

Why El Malo?
We are trying to establish a collaborative project with a our friends in Vienna called "El Feo", so it was easy to be "El Malo".
In the future expect "El Bueno".

Is Mexico Dangerous? If you are Donald Trumpo, it is.

From klompen pointy boots, to amickey mouse bootleg, to amsterdam lowrider bikes, the goal in the design and illustration was to pay tribute to all the street food stalls in Mexico, and their paintings that the same business owners do to save money . We wanted to respect that magic that food street carts have when they are represented graphically. 

We cooked sopitos, a maiz based tapa that can be even vegan. We also made a mango ceviche. All these comfort food was accompanied by our own signature salsas for each dish and tongues.
We sold everything that evening, and introduce a new flavor to Amsterdam.

So if you're really into MEXICAN FOOD and want to enjoy good salsas, you should most definitely contact us to try our dishes from our Mexican family tradition.

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