PUMA NYC Flagship Store.


PUMA NYC Flagship Store.

We were commissioned by Narwal Creative to come up with a video loop, displayed inside the PUMA NYC flagship store.
The main challenge is to capture the brand spirit and the NYC vibes.

With different ideas going back and forward three designs were made. The first was an agile and dynamic lettering design that represented the motto of the company (Forever Faster) and that reflected the movement of the city of New York.

Playing with rough cuts from the PUMA sneakers, calligraphy, tags and illustration, the second design was aim to represent the street, the culture and the always present relationship New York has with history.

Creating a basic grid of colors with simple and organic details, the third design is a mix of pop culture, streetball culture and street culture, that mixes influences that New York exported to the world.
Graphic Desing , Lettering, Illustration

Creative Agency: Narwal
Creative Director: Jelmer Scheffer,  Justin Van Der Velden
Art Direction: Franko Rosas
Animation: Poettier Vazquez
Editing: Narwal 


The EYE Film museum in Amsterdam is an institution on cinematography, restoring, curating & projecting films.  They commission GWA (Grafische Werkplaats Amsterdam) to come up with unique letterpress posters to commemorate the most iconic films on the industry.

The Good, The Bad & The Ugly. One of my favorite movies was the one I choose. Portraying one of the most iconic phrase on the movie: "...There's two kinds of people: Those with loaded guns and those who dig. You dig." I work around on the process of using unorthodox  technics on a Eickhoff Tasting Press, tearing and creating the feeling of the  wild west "Wanted" poster with a modern twist.

We only print 20/20 unique posters.
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Graphic Desing,  Typography


Serious about chocolate
Tony’s Chocolonely is the impact company on a mission to make all chocolate 100% slave-free. In collaboration with Idris Elba, we created a colourful manifesto about fair and unfair. I was in charge of developing a colorful mural based on the aesthetics of the playful typography of Tony's Chocolonely, and, at the same time, keep the freshnes and looks of the whole campaign celebrating our motto "crazy about chocolate, serious about people".
Advertising, Lettering, Mural

Creative Agency: HERC the agency
Creative Director: Rogier de Bruin & Emilio de Haan
Account Director: Niels Heimens
Agency Producer: Kiek Beljaars
Choco monster animation: Brian Elstak
Title design: Joëlle Strijk
Mural design: Franko Rosas
Chocolate shots: Chuck Studios

Photography: Emilio de Haan

Production: Division Paris
Director: Helmi
Director of Photography: Deepa Keshvala

De Vrouw Met de Baard.
The Bearded Lady.

Rated as one of the best and small dining restaurants in Amsterdam, "De Vrouw met de Baard" or "the Bearded Lady" feels like walking into a cozy and kitsch home. United by the motto that everyone is welcome, the approach was to illustrate four different quotes that consolidate the experience of The Bearded Lady:  Fire comes from within, Soul is love, Weird makes us special & Strange is unique. With this parameter in mind, graphic elements, handmade mural, bandanas, menus, and wine glasses were developed to create a unique and meaningful branding.

Art Direction
Graphic Design

Mexica Brewery
Espíritu Cervecero

Cervecería Mexicana is one of the first craft breweries in California. The concept was to develop a mural that would integrate a new look and image that could capture the spirit that unites the diverse cultures of Mexico.

Under the Mexican skull an illustration was developed that would serve as a reference to celebrating Mexican traditions and the brewer spirit. The idea was to create niches and invite friends and the brewers so that everyone could interpret, shape and paint their own skull on the mural of the brewery. At the same time use these graphic elements to support the future branding development of the brewery.

Photography: Mariel Miranda, Jonas Jacobsen

Collaboration: Old Creeps, Alzina, Yimbo, Zhompi, Inche Incha.