8pm Store

Barcelona Mural

Commission mural for 8pm Store, a unique concept store-gallery with local designers from Barcelona.

So if you are in Barcelona, don’t miss the opportunity to visit this store-galery, and stay tune because they say the Ricardo Cavolo is soon to expose there. 

This was my first full spray can wall. I'm usually accustomed to paint in interior or flat walls. This project certainly push me to start practicing more.


Sarape, A Photography
Experimentation of
Color and Wind

This set of pictures  was made on one of those gray and windy days in the Netherlnads.  I wanted to experiment with the Color, Movement & contrast of a photography. 


Life in Snask 

While is Snask I had the oportunity to design and chose the songs of the first record / playlist of the Snask Family. 

You can here the playlist here ︎ ︎

The Idea behind this design was, that even in the cold mid of march, I always felt like home on the sunny Mex - California area that I’m from. 

Travel in our sunny studio throughout the golden palm trees and their long boulevard of drinks that George Michael has stash here. The pimped Fiat Panda of Fab's will be the gateway vehicle to good vibes of: soul, funk and ballads that will accompany you true this journey.

Snask Off

Do you knew that Snask has a Bar?  I can raise my hand ︎ to say I was the first human to try to create a piña colada cocktail. While the picture with look nice with Matej as a model, The cocktail didn’t tourn out to be nice. I just blame it on the coconut stuff you find in Stockholm

Creative Mornings
You Rock

Creative Mornings Tijuana commission me to create a series of postcards celebrating their 5 years delivering a dose of creative breakfast.One postcard was meant to be given to the frequent people that attend more to the Creative Mornings, thank you then by saying, you rock!. The other one was creating a high five logo that can be use as a banner in the talk, celebrating their 5 years.